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Much of the literature published around blended learning is from overseas and from a higher education perspective. While this literature contributes to the global picture of blended learning and contains many valuable views and ideas, specifically looking at these from a New Zealand approach will provide a balanced and unique discourse to enable participants to take international learnings and reflect these against the current practice and research that exists here in New Zealand.  

This seminar will focus on the use of blended learning in a New Zealand educational context. Drawing on the themes and ideas discussed from Bonk (2009) E-demand Around the Globe and Puller & Brennan (2003) ‘Personalising learning' for secondary students working in a 'blended (distance/'f2f'/vocational) learning environment', participants will explore blended learning 'Kiwi style' through examples from early childhood, primary and secondary contexts.

The group intends to use different delivery 'modes' to demonstrate various tools and application possibilities in the 'on line world'.  The premise is that if  we are to actively participate in this environment with our peers & students we need to have experienced and demonstrate an  understanding on the tools that are available.


Anne, Viv and Nick