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Activity 2: Blended Learning in Primary Education


Observe and respond to features of blended learning in primary schools.


  • Gather an understanding of the level of ICT learning happening in some primary schools.
  • Identify the difficulties and challenges in working with  ICT in primary schools.

Survey - Hawke's Bay, NZ

This is a small snapshot survey taken in Hawkes' Bay about the use of ICT and Blended Learning in the classrooms across the greater Napier and Hastings area.  There are some interesting facts that have emerged statistically from this.  View the powerpoint with an idea to the irregularity of delivery in schools.  Some children are getting a good amount of ICT education through blended learning and some aren't.

Video 1 - Virtual Learning Network NZ

This is an Adobe Connect presentation.  It talks about the Virtual Learning Network and its use in some Primary schools in New Zealand.


Next step is to look at what is happening in primary schools in England.  The next two videos will give you an insight into this.  While you are watching these videos think about comparing these with your own experiences in teaching in a primary and the information on this web page already.

Video 2 - Elm Park School, England

This is a primary school in England that has been undergoing a small revolution in the classroom with regards to the use of ICT and Blended Learning.  The school had to merge with another school and while doing this the Governors and staff decided to improve the use of ICT in the classroom.  There is a series of you tube videos that document the progress of this school.  Here we will look at the final video of the series entitle showtime.  It showcases how and the variety of ways in which the school is using ICT.  You should watch  this video and try to compare it with personal information you have about primary schools and use of ICT.  Also think critically whether there is a huge difference or is the school similar to New Zealand schools.  Is there areas that we can improve on. etc.

Video 3 - What is next generation learning?

This is video about a primary school in England and how the children view their educational world and what is happening in there  school.  You need to watch this video and think critically about whether NZ schools are making the same effort as English schools with the intergration of ICT and Blended Learning in the classrooms. This and the previous video are here for a comparison with the observations and findings of the Power point.


The last two readings are relating to New Zealand and Blended learning now and in the future.

Reading 1

This article though dated 2001 gives a insight into a way in which a school can structure their ICT.  This article identifies the "How to teach ICT"  and gives a graphic flowchart to help co-ordinate school wide consistency.  As we have seen through the above videos and articles that consistency of teaching using blended learning is one of the major stumbling blocks not only from one school to another but within schools.   There are some very thought provoking comments with in this document stating such comments as ICT should be singled out almost as a curriculum area rather than integrated.  As you read this article think about whether you believe this is the answer to the inconsistency problems that are occurring within our Primary schools.

Ramsay, G. (2001). Teaching and Learning with Information and Communication Technology: Success Through a Whole School Approach. Paper presented at the National Education Computing Conference Proceedings, Chicago.
Teaching and learning with information and communication technology:  Success through a whole school approach.
File Size: 184 kb
File Type: pdf
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Reading 2

This is an introduction formulated for the new handbook that will be published soon for New Zealand schools that are interested in becoming part of a learning community online on the Virtual Learning Network.  This diagram is a summary that shows the changes being experienced in moving from traditional teaching and learning environments towards the concept of the networked school in a virtual learning environment.  This is only a draft copy but gives the reader an indication of where the thinking is heading.

Wenmouth, D. (2010). The Emerging Networked School Environment, from
The Emerging Networked School Environment
File Size: 125 kb
File Type: pdf
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